Terms and Conditions

Physicians for American Healthcare Access (“PAHA”) Membership Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Each PAHA member shall be a licensed Physician and/or Dentist in the USA. (State issued License number will be required at time of registration).
2. Each PAHA member shall be a U.S. citizen or currently hold a valid visa issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
3. Notwithstanding Eligibility Criteria 1 above, Medical residents, Fellows, Exchange students, Dental and Medical students can be accepted for membership, if such membership is approved by the Board of Directors of PAHA. Such approval is to be given on a case-by-case basis.
4. PAHA does not have any ethic, religious, political organization affiliations and any such affiliation by the members may be cause for invalidation of such member’s membership if the Board of Directors, in its reasonable opinion, determines such affiliation is or may be harmful to the goals of PAHA.

Member Privileges and Conditions:

1. Each PAHA member shall have access to PAHA forum in such form as approved by the Board of Directors of PAHA from time to time.
2. Each PAHA member shall have access to meeting minutes from PAHA board meetings.
3. Members shall agree to abide by PAHA’s By-Laws.
4. PAHA reserves the right to terminate any membership procured by false representation and pursue legal action.

Membership Dues:

1. PAHA’s membership year begins September 1 and ends the following August 31. The rates for each membership year are updated every year by PAHA board.
2. Membership fee for the year beginning September 1, 2018 is $150 for a practicing physician/dentist and $100 for resident or fellow in training.
3. Member agrees to pay the full membership fee by September 1 of each year.
4. If dues are not paid by September 1, all benefits will be suspended. A member who remains past due for thirty (30) days shall lose all privileges of membership and shall cease to be a member of PAHA.
5. Members have an option to autopay.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges the undersigned has read and agrees to the above terms and conditions.