To increase healthcare access for all Americans, especially in areas of need


To organize all like-minded physicians in the United States to develop and execute the plans in collaboration with lawmakers, community and healthcare organizations to promote better health care access to all.


  • To increase awareness among policymakers about health care in underserved communities and thereby get better health care access for all Americans.
  • To provide a platform for the underserved American population to express their concerns about their struggle in accessing healthcare.
  • To identify communities that are affected the most and explore possible solutions.
  • To provide the healthcare organizations a platform to help their communities
  • To identify and retain a diverse leadership in healthcare

To increase the scope of research in community healthcare and impact direct service towards the communities.

  • To promote collaborative partnerships with community, healthcare industry and academic institutions.

Core values

  • Commitment to the cause
  • Compassionate care
  • Collegial effort
  • Open communication
  • Innovative approach
  • Ethical conduct


Access to healthcare services is a serious issue, especially in rural America. Citizens of the USA should be able to conveniently and confidently access services such as primary care, dental care, behavioral health, emergency care, and public health services. Access to health care is vital for the prevention of disease, detection and treatment of illnesses, quality of life, preventable death and improving life expectancy.

For rural residents to have sufficient healthcare access, necessary and appropriate services must be available and obtainable on time. Even when an adequate supply of health care services exists in the community, there are other factors to consider regarding healthcare access. For instance, to have good health care access, there has to be access to providers.