Guest Notebook: Vote for leaders who will prioritize American health care

In midst of coronavirus pandemic, rural America desperately needs more doctors like me
Dr. Raghuveer Kura

Fox News
Angela Answers: local doctor waiting for permanent residency
Dr. Abhinav Singh

America relies on immigrant doctors, but there’s a stalemate over getting them visas
Dr. Karthik Karanam

Work visas: foreign doctors in the US have more than covid-19 to fear
Dr. Karthik Karanam

International Docs Held Back From COVID Front Lines
Dr. Varun Malayala

We must relax restrictions on foreign doctors | Opinion
Dr. Shantanu Singh

Flawed Regulations Keep IMGs on Sidelines in Pandemic
Dr. Shyam Odeti

Apple News
Immigrant Doctors on the Frontlines of Covid19 are asking America for a Safety Net
Drs, Sandhu and Sharma, Pennsylvania
Dr. Sharma, New Jersey
Dr. Vakkalanka, Virginia

The Wall Street Journal
Covid-19 Spreads Deportation Fears Among Immigrant Doctors in U.S
Dr. Anupam Kumar, critical-care doctor

NBC News
Doctors on work visas risk deportation to care for COVID-19 patients (NBC News)
Dr. Ridhwan Baba, NYU Langone
Dr. Vinay Nidadavolu, Baptist Hospital

NBC News
Fear of deportation heightened for immigrant doctors on H-1B visas amid pandemic
Dr. Parth Mehta, Hospitalist, Peoria, Illinois

Immigrant Doctors Want To Help Fight Coronavirus Outbreak, But Can’t
Dr. Kiran Nagaraju

Immigration System Slowdown Keeps Some Doctors From Coronavirus Front Lines
Dr. Kiran Nagarajan

The Boston Globe
The Massachusetts congressional delegation

The US is now starting to see the value of immigrant health workers

Bloomberg Law
Foreign Doctors’ ‘Hands Tied’ by Visa Rules in Covid-19 Fight
Dr. Raghuveer Kura, Southeast Missouri
Dr. Atul Bali- Gastroenterologist, Farmville,VA

The Washington Post
Immigrant doctors want to help fight the coronavirus. Visa restrictions won’t let them
Dr. Randhir R. Beereddy – Heywood Hospital, Gardner, MA

VOA-Voice of America
Visa Restrictions Limit Immigrant Doctors in COVID-19 Fight
Dr. Rama Krishna Yalamanchili

The Intercept
Many Immigrant Doctors Want to Fight the Coronavirus, but U.S. Visa Rules Make That Illegal
Dr. Shantanu Singh
Dr. Ramakrishna Yalamanchili
Dr. Paavani Atluri

The US needs foreign doctors and nurses to fight coronavirus. Immigration policy isn’t helping.

Los Angeles Times
Foreign doctors on front lines of COVID-19 fear deportation from U.S.
Dr. Sujit Vakkalanka
Dr. Vidit Bhargava
Dr. Rahmath Begum

Wisconsin Public Radio
Immigrant Doctors Fight To Contribute To US COVID-19 Response
Dr. Sonal Chandratre, pediatric endocrinologist

VISA restrictions limit foreign-born doctors role in COVID
Link for the Article

Connected to India
Visa rules, red tape block NRI doctors in US from joining fight against COVID-19 outbreak
Dr. Shantanu Singh

ACP Hospitalist
Hospitalist IMGs in the pandemic
Dr. Varun Malayala, Chair of Medicine at Bayhealth Sussex Campus in Milford, Del

National Immigration Forum
Infographic: Coronavirus and Immigrant Health Workers

ACP Hospitalist
COVID-19 in community hospitals
Atul Bali, MD, Nephrologist and chair of medicine at a community hospital in Farmville, Va
Pankaj Agrawal, MD, Hospitalist program director at South Georgia Medical Center in Valdosta, Ga
Varun Malayala, MD, FACP, chair of medicine at Bayhealth Sussex Campus in Milford, Del

Des Moines Register
COVID-19 exposes visa stresses on doctors, their employers and under-served patients
Dr. Smitha Deepti Kurra

Health care workers are 10 to 20 percent of U.S. coronavirus cases

If doctors in the US on visas die while fighting the coronavirus, their families could be forced to leave the country or face deportation
Dr. Amit Vashist

New York Times
Foreign Doctors Could Help Fight Coronavirus. But U.S. Blocks Many.

Times of India
Indian-origin doctors stuck between visa and corona worries
Dr. Sujit Vakkalanka, Internist at a Virginia hospital
Dr. Deepika Gupta, Hospitalist, Spokane County, Washington

Johnson City Press
Already combating COVID-19, immigrant physicians wrestle with visa restrictions
Dr. Amit Vashist, the chief clinical officer for Ballad Health
Dr. Mihir Patel, medical director for Ballad Health’s COVID-19 strike team

Times of India
Bill in the offing: US Green cards for immigrant medical staff

Fox News
Sally Pipes: In war on coronavirus, we need more foreign doctors practicing in US

The American Life