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[us_cta title=”Research/Publications” color=”custom” bg_color=”#6d0007″ text_color=”#ffffff” btn_link=”|||” btn_label=”Read More” btn_style=”outlined”]Most of the immigrant physicians are primary care physicians catering the healthcare of Americans that have less access to resources and less opportunities. According to a 2016 national survey, Each physician contributes $2.2 million in economic output and supports an average of 13.84 jobs and an average of $1.1 million in wages and benefits. [/us_cta]
[us_counter target=”72.26″ suffix=”%” color=”custom” custom_color=”#ffffff” title=”More than 70% of all Indian physicians on work visa serve in the rural and underserved areas.” title_size=”20″][us_separator type=”short” size=”small”][us_counter target=”78.20″ suffix=”%” color=”custom” custom_color=”#ffffff” title=”78% of Physicians considering leaving USA due to greencard backlog. “The current wait time is not realistic in ones lifetime… moving out is a better option“.”]
International medical graduates are more likely to serve in critical access hospitals, federally designated Medicare facilities in rural areas, with less than 15 acute care beds. The facilities with problem recruiting tend to have more international graduates

  • 2% Retail & Supply Chain
  • 2% Education Service
  • 4% Health Care
  • 5% Finance
  • 10% Other Economic Sector
  • 16% Advanced Mfg
  • 61% Computer & Telecom

H1-B applicant distribution across the professions

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A survey of immigrant physicians, 2018

PAHA survey: Ongoing.

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